State machine initialization in XOD 0.18.1


I have obstacle avoidance code that was working in 0.17.1, but in 0.18.1 during initialization, the motors & servo go spastic trying to process multiple values in quick succession. Once initialization is complete, the code seems to execute normally. The motor & servo nodes should not activate if a pulse is not fed into them and all was quiet during initialization in 0.17.1 XOD.

Here is the code I tested with:
obstacle-avoidance.xodball (57.4 KB)

The good news: This program had <100 Bytes of dynamic memory free in 0.17.1 & I could not add LCD nodes. In 0.18.1, I can add my LCD-init library to display forward distance on line1 & left/right distance on line2 and still have 939 Bytes free!


Thanks for the report, I will investigate.