Sensors and OLED SSD1306 128*32


Here is another test of OLED SSD1306, with a graph of values.
Place some nodes in the graphic patch to reduce the main

Sensor-SSD1306-128x32.xodball (38.1 KB)

1 2


Another simple test, move logo with analog joystick (A0-A1), if it reaches a limit min or max invert logo

joystick-logo-SSD1306.xodball (48.8 KB)



New test oscillogram, old value in pixel to rigth.
oscillogram-v2-SSD1306.xodball (41.1 KB)

Clock 0.02

Clock 0.5 and pot.


Oh, I can’t try all your ideas in time :smiley:


I’m playing for a while :sweat_smile: