SD log project error?


I tried to make a easy SD-log project but


But after debbuging I get some error that I cannot figure out…

Any suggestions about what is the reason and how to solve it ?


The card is formated for FAT32.

Thanks in advance


Hi! @gcabral

The problem can be caused by several reasons, first of all:

  1. RAM Memory size on the microcontroller. When uploading, see how much memory the patch takes up. The SD library is greedy and may need an additional 512 byte buffer to write and edit files. If you don’t have enough memory, the program may crash. If possible, use a controller with a large amount of RAM.

  2. File naming. FAT file systems have a limitation when it comes to naming conventions. You must use the 8.3 format, so that file names look like “NAME001.EXT”, where “NAME001” is an 8 character or fewer string, and “EXT” is a 3 character extension. People commonly use the extensions .TXT and .LOG. It is possible to have a shorter file name (for example, mydata.txt, or time.log), but you cannot use longer file names. Read more on the 8.3 convention.

Also in XOD, the full path to the file should not exceed 16 characters. Use short file and folder names.

Hi gabbapeople,

Thank you for the support.

Option/remark 1 - is not the case because I also tested it with arduino mega. Same result came out.

Option/remark 2 - I must check 8.3 format… I did not knew it before. Afeter the results I will share it.

Once more, I appreciate the support.


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