Sd-log node error display

I have been using the sd-log node with no problems but i would like to drive a led if there is a error eg no card, problem writing to file etc. The node turns red in XOD but i cant find a way to display this eg driving a led.
I hope the above dribble makes sense
Thank you for your support.

You can detect upstream errors using the has-error node. Here’s an example that should be run in the debugger:
Screenshot 2022-06-05 at 17.22.19
has_error_example.xodball (2.0 KB)

The sd-log will try to write to the SD card each time the tweak-pulse node fires. If the card reader or SD card isn’t present, the sd-log node will raise an error which will be detected by the has-error node. On detecting an error, the has-error node will output True, lighting the LED.

Thanks Matt
I really appreciate your help, yourself and gweimer and others help make XOD what it is.

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