Scanner device i2c

Node for address scanning of i2c devices (adapted sketch)

I2C-SCAN.xodball (3.9 KB)


Nice, that will be Very Handy :smile:

So cool that it should be a pinned and easily accessible patch :thinking:

You can fix it and add it to XOD, no problem :slightly_smiling_face:

New i2c-scanner, up to 8 addresses.
[cesars/utils] cesars/i2c-scanner


Including a small pause if i2c is detected.



Thank you cesars. I’ve added your utils library to my IDE.

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Pretty and very useful! :clap:

Perhaps it deserves own lib so that it is easier to recommend. Something like cesars/i2c-scanner maybe.

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Fixed some errors, now limited to displaying 5 device addresses simultaneously,

but the values are shifted to the right, therefore there is no detection limit.


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