How to discover USB address for I2C comms

I have a Nextion display (an “Enhanced” NX4024K032_11) that works fine. I would like to use it in a xod program, but I have not been able to find an i2c address for it. None of the arduino examples, or any other examples I have found, specify an address, and it is not on any spec sheet I have been able to find. Is there a way to discover the address? I found an Arduino program that scans all ports for an i2c device connected to the Arduino, but it did not find the Nextion screen. Does anybody have any ideas, either what the address is or how I can discover it?

Use the i2c-scan patch, connect the bus and wait for the result … if it is i2c it will show you the address

ps: I don’t see it being i2c, for me it’s uart serial

Thanks @cesars, do I need to load a library to get that node? It’s not in the standard libraries it seems.
I don’t quite understand the difference between uart and i2c. All the Arduino examples for Nextion say it’s i2c and to connect it to the Rx and Tx lines on the Arduino. But that might explain why none of the examples talk about i2c address. It makes more sense that it would be uart I guess. When programming the screen though I have to connect it to my PC with a ftdi232 board, so is that uart too?
Please excuse my ignorance, I’ve never played with serial communications before.
Thanks, Ian

yes, is usb a serial.

It should be a library similar to the genie vision that works for uart.

I am not very clear about that programming of nodes for uart, nor hardware for testing.

Surely someone with more knowledge of C ++ can help you.

Hi @cesars, and thanks for the quick reply! So it is uart, that solves one of my problems (after all that study of how i2c works…), now I’m trying to see how the uart nodes work. Struck a couple of problems already. The first is that SERIAL_PORT_HARDWARE is not defined. There was another post about this from a couple of years ago, but the issue still seems to be there. What should it be set to? SERIAL_PORT_HARDWARE_OPEN seems to be missing too.
I tried the software-uart node, but that one also needs the serial port flags, and it also told me SoftwareSerial.h was missing. I tried including it in an Arduino sketch, and it compiled okay, so it’s in the Arduino libraries. Do I have to do something to get it into xod as well?

you can create a library, as I told you before look at Visi Genie.

You create your library and use an input-uart pin or the corresponding one you will see in the xod library as input/output.

If it is serial, choose the soft-uart node and define the rx tx pins, but I cannot help you on creating a serial-based library … it is something that I have pending