Relays via DIgital Out

I had a search but could not sure…
I have a 5v relay board and notice the input led on board is about half brightness like the voltage on the digital pin isn’t stable at 0
Is Digitalout the correct node to be using to drive a relay?
Or is there a way to set it low and swap?

Thanks for your help

Digital-write would be the correct node to use to drive the relay.

There is a slim chance the relay board is designed to have the LED at 1/2 brightness when disabled to indicate it is receiving power to the relay. Does it go out if you connect the signal line to ground instead of the control pin? Connecting to ground SHOULD be the same thing as connecting to a digital pin that has been set to 0.

Does your patch have just the one digital-write node setting the correct port to false with UPD pin set to Loop? If you have a 2nd node setting it to true, it is probably toggling back & forth between the values, which would explain the 1/2 brightness. If you are setting the wrong pin, the pin you are connected to could theoretically be left floating (not sure what default state is for pins…I assume it is probably 0/false).

Hi Gweimer,

I found a stray digitalout node on the same pin float off the sheet, I must of copy and pasted or something at one stage.
I deleted it and the led has gone one like the 2nd relay.

I think my little photobooth is ready for fitout, for this weekends event… My sketch is pretty messy and no doubt could be made better in the future.

I have taken a lot of brusher_ru design and applied it.

I have a lot to learn yet.

When the credit = 0 it pulses a relay which will be the panel light except for the ‘GO’ button
Soon as credit is made the panel lights stay on and the ‘GO’ flashes 10 times
I’d love to work out how if credit after the 10 flashes to make the ‘GO’ stay on.
The LED top line flashes for the event name and insert coins

This is a picture of the cabinet I made to house it in

I’d like to thank everyone for the help and patients with my silly questions

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Something like this should turn your light on after flashing if you have enough credit:


Basically: do the flashing OR turn light on if flip-n-times is NOT active AND coins GREATER than defined value.