Reading values from Excel / Google sheets

I want to be able to customise constants and sensor properties using the excel or Google sheets and not having to modify them in the sketch and re-upload. eg. I want an array of arduino’s running the same sketch all referencing a value in a cell to fine tune an light source to a sensor.

Is this possible?
If so how?

Thanks in advance.

Hello and welcome!

No easy way (yet). Something that’s possible now is creating a node in C++ to read CSV values from a file on SD-card and using that values as sensor inputs.

A more usable solution that we have in plans is implementing some counterparts of the watch node which would allow adjusting values at runtime without reflashing. Imagine:

  1. You place an “adjuster” node ahead of each parameter you want to tweak
  2. Upload with the debugger enabled
  3. While the debug session is in progress you use sliders or enter values directly and see how they affect the system

Will such feature suit your needs completely? Or are you talking about something more advanced?

Hello and thank you for the welcome. If the values or sliders (both would be a huge benefit) could be used with the math, multiply or any node this would be a huge help and improvement. I hope that this solution would be in a near update :slight_smile:

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