Putting in a Request for a Gas sensor (mq-135)

I would like to put in a request for a gas sensor node specifically mq-135 to be built and added to the xod platform. The mq-135 belongs to the family of gas sensors capable of reading a wide variety of gases and the most preferred sensor used by makers and developers in air quality projects.

This is a website containing information pertaining to this sensor.

Hi Atia,

I’ve got the following mq sensors: mq2 (methane, butane, LPG, smoke), mq3 (ethanol, smoke) and mq7 (carbon monoxide).


I’m planning to make nodes for each of them over the next few days, and I can make a node for the mq135 as well. If you want to try making a node yourself, take a look at the following guide:

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It’s just an analog or digital sensor (depending on how you configure it. You don’t need a custom node. Just use digital-read or analog-read.

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I breathe on the sensor.



This is very helpful thank you. In the future I definitely will try to build my own nodes and share them as well.

Ok I had the same thought but I was not really sure about that but thank you for the heads-up. I will give it a try with other kinds of gases as well.