Problem with ir remote

I use the gweimer/ir-remote library for the project, when trying to find out the code of the “ir” button of the remote control, it turned out that with each press
the code changes. Tried three remotes, as well as three different “ir” receivers (38kHz), all the same. New numbers every time. Help me understand what the problem is.

Використовую для проекту бібліотеку gweimer/ir-remote, при спробі вияснити код кнопки " ir " пульта дистанційного керування, виявилось що з кожним нажаттям
код міняється. Пробував три пульти, а також три різних " ir " приймачі (38kHz) , все те саме. Кожен раз нові цифри. Допоможіть зрозуміти в чому проблема.

I had trouble with my remote that would send a couple different codes for each button. I was able to get around it by checking for each of the couple codes from each button. If your remote is getting random numbers each time, this won’t help, but if it is just cycling through a couple numbers for each button, it might help.

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Hi, I’m sorry to bother you, but I have to share some information with you. My problem with ir-remote was solved by an unexpected method. Continuing to experiment, I sent a signal from the ir receiver to the Arduino board through an inverter (I used one of the cd4011 elements). To my surprise, everything worked perfectly, the commands from my remotes are well recognized, there are no more anomalies. It is likely that the problem was precisely related to the ir feature of the NEC protocol. I hope someone will need this information.

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