Gweimer/ir-remote library


Library for reading IR remote. Includes ir-read for getting raw data, as well as ir-decode-keyestudio for providing output that is easier to parse if you are using keyestudio remote & IR receiver (0-9 for number keys, 11-17 for special characters; 255 for no data).

Unfortunately, it requires IRremote.h and associated files. Not sure how to help you get those at this point. I had to copy them to <user>\AppData\Local\Programs\xod-client-electron\resources\arduino-libraries\IRremote in order for XOD to find them during compiling phase.


Required headers should be included in USER_AppData_Local_Programs_xod-client-electron_resources_arduino-libraries_IRremote folder with the library. They need to be manually copied to the system folder noted above. You will need to re-copy each time you update XOD.