Gweimer/ir-remote library

Library for reading IR remote. Includes ir-read for getting raw data, as well as ir-decode-keyestudio for providing output that is easier to parse if you are using keyestudio remote & IR receiver (0-9 for number keys, 11-17 for special characters; 255 for no data).

Unfortunately, it requires IRremote.h and associated files. Not sure how to help you get those at this point. I had to copy them to <user>\AppData\Local\Programs\xod-client-electron\resources\arduino-libraries\IRremote in order for XOD to find them during compiling phase.


Required headers should be included in USER_AppData_Local_Programs_xod-client-electron_resources_arduino-libraries_IRremote folder with the library. They need to be manually copied to the system folder noted above. You will need to re-copy each time you update XOD.


Hi…Contrary to the nodes presented above, we will here introduce more generic nodes, which means the they apply to many different kinds of hardware modules. First tough, we will introduce some basic electronics concepts. Feel free to skip this paragraph if you are comfortable with the notions of analog vs digital and if you are confident that you can identify which of the hardware parts are generating inputs or requiring outputs.

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Current ver 0.33 of XOD (WIN) do not have such folder, Even if you create one still the same error. Where should I copy IRremote files ?

Sorry… I haven’t looked at this since my last post. The “correct” fix would be to rewrite the library to use new functionality in XOD to auto-include the code, but I don’t have time to do that right now.

The short-term fix would be to determine where the Arduino-libraries folder exists on your system so you can add the header files manually.

I tried to find it and can’t figure out where in current XOD ver this folder is located.

Try it Error using gweimer/ir-remote library

Thanks will try it tonight

Hmmm…the other thread you referenced indicates I made that change to the library & cesars verified it was working… I just downloaded the library to update it & the pragma string is there.

Yes I can see that as well.

Holly COW I try to compile it in Simulator in stead of programming my UNO. XOD has downloaded required Lib automatic

I did not check functionality, but at least It was compiled.
If I’m not wrong below shown part of your very first post

Is not actual any more :slight_smile: am I right?

P.S. I found solution in another post about LCD written by yourself as well.