One Reason I absolutely love the XOD IDE

I had an old project that I made in 1997 and ran it with a 286 desk top in QBasic. The cad drawing was done with Orcad 3 in “Dos”. I could not remember the logic wiring connections from 27 years ago, but XOD made it easy to figure that out. Just put some nods together, connect some jumpers and easily manipulate the logic to the pins. I would have been forever struggling with the Arduino IDE to do it. I put together a little photo of the set up. One thing to mention, if a person get one of these sheilds for the Mega you absolutely must insulate the usb cover as some bright spark designed a live pin directly above it. I will say it again I love this XOD ide! I hope the ddevelopers can keep it going.
here is a link to a flickr vid, with a click of the mouse or inputting a number the motor speeds up and reverses

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