On boot, pulse bool value

Sorry for my english!
I tried many things, but cannot find a way to pulse a bool from the boot node!

There is a ‘boot’ node that will send a pulse on boot, but a pulse is different than bool (a true/false value). Feeding a pulse to a bool pin will trigger the node to process because inputs changed, but it may never “register” as being true since the pulse is an immediate on-time event, not a ‘true’ state. Feeding a pulse to a boolean pin is not generally a good idea because of this. Going from bool to pulse works because the transition of the bool pin from false to true is registered as a pulse (but staying true or changing to false does not register as a ‘pulse’).

It may have been fixed, but there was an issue with the boot node sending a pulse before the Arduino has finished initializing, so the pulse signal is never processed. The fix for this is to put a ‘defer’ node immediately after the ‘boot’ node so initialization completes before it tries to process the pulse.