Node for convert pulse to bool

It would by nice have a node that convert pulse to bool.
What do you think?

It doesn’t logically make sense to convert a pulse to a bool, so there is no node for it. Pulse is a one-time event. Bool is a state that is maintained over time.

Depending on what you are actually trying to do, there are probably options. For example, you could send the pulse to a flip-flop node, which becomes true on pulse. The flip-flop has memory for maintaining the state over time.

It completely depends on your program requirements what happens next. If the pulse line is connected to flip-flop-TGL, the flip-flop will toggle between true/false with each pulse. If that is not what you want, the pulse signal can go to flip-flop-SET to turn on the flip-flop with each pulse (even if it is already turned on). Unless you want this to never reset, you will need some way for your program to pulse the flip-flop-RST pin to turn it back off.

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