Nextion and relays programming

one other issues is the watch nodes stopped working once I tied the Nextion display to the program from my original program with mechanical switches. Why is that?

Watch nodes require debug, which is serial communication back to your PC. Nextion also required serial communication, which requires specific timing. Not all Arduino models can handle multiple serial streams at the same time.

I am putting watches on a timer nodes in my program. My arduino mega works fine with watch debug nodes when I used anything other than the nextion display. I am just trying to use debug watches for timer nodes and greater nodes

so what serial ports do the debugger use? does it work with the mega when I use the nextion? do I need to change serial port on the nextion to get it to work?

Use serial (usb cable connnection) for communicating with your PC. Choose serial1 (tx 18, rx 19), serial2 (tx 16, rx 17) or serial3 (tx 14, rx 15) for communicating with the Nextion. In my library there are nodes for creating a Nextion device on each of these serial ports.

Do the Mega and Nextion share the same power supply? If not, make sure they have a common ground.

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