New Node: hysteresis

Hi all! I am new to XOD and I just wanted to share a node that (I hope) will be useful to others. This is a hysteresis node, it filters the input signal, so that the output is more stable for small changes near the threshold values. Sometimes it is called a “Noise gate” and you can find more info here: Wiki

I was quite surprised how natural and easy to understand was XOD implementation of this node. I even added a small example to the library to illustrate a possible application. Feel free to try it out!

Link to the lib


Patch faberge/hysteresis/hysteresis-example contains dead references:
Patch with type “xod/core/greater” is not found in the project
Fix or delete them to continue.

That sounds like a problem with your install; that is a valid node that is distributed with XOD. You might want to try re-installing XOD on your box.

I am confused then =_= This example works well on my computer. And yes, this is a standard node, so it is very strange that the IDE can’t find it. @gweimer, have you also tried this node?

Fascinating…I get the same error. If I delete greater & replace it with “the exact same thing”, it then complains about the flip-flop, then the less. After replacing all 3, it complains about the greater node again…

If I start from scratch and generate the same node, it works just fine.

I’m running XOD 0.19.2

Exactly same result back to the departure box thank you for confirming thank you faberge and courage …

0.19.2 also Imac Apple