Neopixel testing

I have some questions.
I want to make a scoreboard including a countdown clock.
I want to make it quite big, clock 10 cm high 30 cm long.
I have already read several things. At first I thought of a digit 7 segment. Then I came across a neopixel LED strip.
What is the easiest way? I need 8 characters in total.

I tried to make a simulation for a neopixel before I buy a comic but it doesn’t work. Are there other ways to test this
I do this in thinkercad and try the example1 from bradzilla84/neopixel.

Thanks a lott

The simulation only works for Arduino logic; it doesn’t support any additional hardware. You could write your logic and replace the neopixel nodes with watch nodes and any buttons/dials/etc. with tweak nodes to test your logic in simulation mode.

Can you use Thinkercad and make a program in xod? and simulate in thinkercad?


Can any one help me,

Is there a way to make this simple?


I will make some letters on a neopixel panel.

Thanks a lot