My first Library that has Basics and is very compact

After a few Months I have decided that I have a few Nodes that i constantly use.
I have a description for nearly every PIN except for some that are easy to understand.

I have got a few RTC Nodes and some other good Nodes that are mostly compact.
Hope you enjoy and tell me if I have made some mistakes with grammar etc.
I have a Node there that i want to improve, it does the job but it makes more cycles that I say it to do…

-Daniel Terletzkiy


Well done!

I like the pulsers and would use it for state management. I wonder, what are you use them for?

Thank you

I use my constant Pulses for a project were I use a LCD TFT.
I use them to create pages for the screen with the combination of the compact number checker.

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Hello Daniel!
I’m add your library, and it not full.
Some patches needed

may you fix it?