Looking for a for loop example

i’m porting an arduino app to xod but i need an equivalent of a for loop to do its thing for 280 seconds. so that would be complicated using flipflops. anyway i used a clock of time 280. i need to reset the clock when the for loop reaches 280 but when i try to compile with the rst line it gives an error about a cycle path. if i don’t reset then my program would hang for 280 seconds. i tried using 2 flip flops so I could use the negative state of the clock to continue the program, but again cycle path error.

edit never mind, i think i can get it to work with delay, just a little unfamiliar.

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Thank you for trying XOD. Although you’ve found the delay what you tried to do with clock should be possible, but it is not currently. Support for feedback loops would be available in future versions.

Am I guess right, you want some kind of FSM (Finite State Machine) where the device does something for 280 seconds, then start doing another job until some condition would be met, then switches to another state, then back, etc…?

state machines would be useful but for this program I was trying to make a one shot multivibrator.
I’d give you the app I have made so far but you would need to register for email, unless you have a suggestion for hosting.
anyway what i made is a modification of one example. it used an input pin to SET a flip flop to read an analog pin and if the input is greater than the rhs value it RST the flipflop to switch off again.
I need for this app to run for 280 seconds when switched on and then turn off until switched again.

I had thought I could run the clock in parallel and excape the program limits by starting both simultaneously with bridged arduino pins but that is easier said than done too.

I like xod so far, it is very fast to make an app and difficult to make a bug. I did run into some sort of memory leak after leaving it running for 2 hours or so, it took 10 seconds to perform any action. restarting the program fixed it.

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Not very convenient, but you could make screenshots of the patches if you want to share a program and insert them right into forum posts. Alternatively, you can File → Export Project and share .xodball you get via Dropbox, GDrive or something like that.

That’s useful. Thank you for reporting. Indeed looks like some memory problems, we’ll try to narrow down it.

Same Problem. I will wait until it is available.

The feedback loops are on the way. Will add them in the nearest version (0.15.0). Stay tuned.

The feedback loops are available since v0.15.0.

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