Libraries for the SH1107 and SH1106G OLED drivers

I’ve wrapped the Adafruit Sh110x library to provide XOD support for the SH1106G and SH1107 OLED drivers (I2C only):

I’ve tested the sh1107-oled-i2c library using a Pimoroni Mono OLED Breakout (1.12" 128x128 pixels) and an ESP32:

N.B. For anyone considering using a 128x128 pixel OLED, please heed this warning from Adafruit:

This display, being 128x128 pixels, requires 128 * 128 = 2KB of SRAM just to buffer the display. So you can’t use it with a small chip such as the Arduino UNO (ATmega328 or 32u4). Pick a microcontroller or microcomputer with 16KB+ RAM - a SAMD21, SAMD51, ESP, nRF52, Teensy, etc will do an excellent job.

I don’t have an SH1106G OLED, so I haven’t been able to test the library for this device beyond checking that the example patches compile.

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