LCD 16x2 bar graph

I very new to Xod but loving it, allows me to progress so much faster than just code.
I have a program working to show the pot value on the first line of a 16x2 LCD but would like a corresponding bar graph on the second line. I have the graph working but im using the # character as the bar, how do I completely illuminate of the available 16 squares instead of using a character?

If your question is “How do I light up individual spaces of an LCD?”, it can’t be done. The backlight is either on or off; you can’t light individual spaces.

Their might be a block character you could display that would more fully blacken the space than # does. Looks like numeric 255 printed as a character is probably what you want… Not sure how to do that in XOD, though.

Yes, thats what I mean to fully “blacken” the square.
Thanks for the character 255 info, will look for that.

You should find the code page for your LCD model in its documentation. From what I see, indeed, the black square is at 255 for many encodings. To output ▮▮▮ in XOD, place "\xFF\xFF\xFF" in the value for L1 or L2.

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Thank you nkrkv, works perfect.

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