Is this the death of C/C++ jobs?

Is this the death of C/C++ programming ? Like a job killer?

Yeah. We’ll kill C++ and then kill all humans! :robot:

Seriously, we think XOD will find its niche and let some people who want to create but have no time or desire to learn classical programming (at their current position), make some great things.


Lol… I guess my question was a little dramatic . it’s just that I’ve spent the last two years learning C/C++ and really like what you can do with it . I’ve just scratched the surface I think what’s possible with it. I’m a novice for sure still .

Personally I hope to be able to experement with things I have trouble finding clear info for doing in C/C++ work it out using XOD then study the C/C++ code generated and play around with that. No Visual tool can truely replace the power and flexability of C/C++.

LOL No. Visual Programming tools have been around since the early 1980’s (possibly earlier) and have never made inroads into textural based programming languages in the professional environment. Even within hobbyist circles it’s been a very marginal part of programming.