Is there UI documentation?

Is there documentation explaining the UI? For example, I didn’t know how to pan (space-drag). Or, I can’t seem to select more than 1 node, nor copy/paste.

I’m using XOD 0.13.0 desktop.

The lists many hotkeys. I had been looking in the site.

Is there more info on other UI behavior, like “panning”?

Hello and welcome!

There is no such article yet. Panning has been implemented recently and is not documented anywhere. Pan with the middle mouse button. Alternatively, hold space and click+drag.

The multiple selection, copy/paste are not here yet. We’re working on them right now and would likely include the features into the upcoming release.

These UI aspects would be documented as notes in the tutorial. And you’re talking about a dedicated article. Frankly, I have no idea how such article may look like. Everything I saw on UI documentation was pointless lists like “Click ‘Duplicate Selected Items’ button to duplicate selected items”. Do you have a reference to a documentation article on UI of another application done right? Thanks in advance.

I don’t think we need a pointless list either. But, I was surprised by the “pan”. Using “space-drag” is completely unfamiliar to me, and I only accidentally discovered it. Using the middle-button (which is the scroll-wheel now a days) for click-drag is also unfamiliar to me. I wonder how many other things I’m missing. So, I would like at least a list of things that aren’t common usage. Are you using something as a model for the UI (where did you get space-drag from)?

Not a particular product but we search for common idioms in tools for artists and engineers. The same panning mechanics could be found in Fritzing, Photoshop, Illustrator, Inkscape, AutoCAD, QCAD.

Maybe it is a good idea to make something like “Help → UI Shortcuts” that would present a table of the keyboard and mouse strokes to interact effectively? Yes, the current panning solution is not a shortcut, it is rather the only way, but if we’d draw scrollbars there will be not a very effective but obvious way to scroll along with the tricky one. What do you think?

BTW. Have you tried to double click anywhere on the patch board?

I did not know I could space-drag in Fritzing (and inkscape) … that makes things easier.

Yes, I think a table of mouse-strokes etc., would be good.

I guessed about double-click (from using rhino-grassphopper).

Thanks for the discussion.

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Here is the article about shortcuts