[I want a node] Watch-graphic, would show data visually and allow export to csv


Shows incoming values in realtime as a visual graph, when a debug session is active. Allows to export data as CSV


  • INa (number, default=1) — the input data to be debugged
  • UPD — to trigger a new plot on the graph and a new line in the csv file


  • FILE (filename) — the filename to save to

This would be really cool to debug and explain visually and in realtime some physical phenomenon like temperature changes or any other sensor changes. This is particularly interesting when working with kids. I’d add an autoscale to the graph or some more node inputs to configure it. OR allow only 0-1 values for a first version.

See how axoloti patcher does it : http://community.axoloti.com/uploads/default/original/2X/9/98f8d0d79b15afeece0871bd7950231885072e46.png

(Axoloti is a programmable audio board using a node system)

The node could also be called oscilloscope.

Thanks in advance for your feedback


Hi philippejadin

looks like this is being addressed already(we may see something in the future) :smile:
Unfortunately i think something like this would have to be coded in to XOD itself, i don’t believe a node has access to the required functions. (someone correct me if i am wrong)

In the meantime i am working on a temporary node to do just this (one small hurdle to overcome yet)
Check out the Example for the client
No export yet though.

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Yeah, that would be great. As @bradzilla84 said, it cannot be a regular node though. It should be threaded specially by XOD IDE. Can’t promise anything about implementation time, unfortunately.

Vote up to raise the priority.


Great to know that you are already working on something. It will definitely need tome specific addons to the IDE, and of course it changes the scope of the project quite a bit so I understand it’s not an easy task.

Up voted :slight_smile:

I just tested your serial plotter node, it works great! Minor problem is that serial opened by the monitor external tool creates trouble with xod built in debugger and uploader. Thus having it all included would really rocks !

Note that having something more visual in XOD UI would be great marketing. When you look at the current xod homepage, it’s really a wonderful demonstration of the capabilities. Add some charts node from cactus humidity and it will totally rock :slight_smile:

(I’d add, support datetime input for charting events, taken from some rtc, and it would even be cooler)


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