[I want a node] Pulse/VAL to HID output

First off, no idea if i’m making this right, but here goes.

Pulse/VAL to HID-output

This node is designed for uses where an input on a micro controller can be identified and registered as a button or key input on a computer, similar to a mouse with additional programmable buttons.


  • `t1 (N/A) — Used for linking various node types to a single output type.


  • Pulse (N/A) — Used to output the signal received to a simple pulse output.
  • VAL (N/A) — Used for values from a dial or manual input.

Extra info: Some projects I’ve had in mind require the ability for the arduino micro controller to be able to not only be read by a computer as a HID, but also have the ability to not only have various inputs, but also the ability to create shortcuts bound to said keys. The main project I had in mind would be a sort of button and switch board, with various toggle switches, POTs, and joysticks.

Thank you for your time, and sorry if I botched the format. I really don’t know how to fill it in. Sorry and thank you in advance.

Are you thinking something like this?

Well, basically. If this build allows certain programs and games to recognize the device and treat it as basically a controller or an extension of a keyboard. If this build allows that, then basically. Again, basically a monkey trying to learn XOD, so be gentle with me.

But thanks for all the help. It really is giving me a hand in learning XOD.

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