Encoder on Arduino Pro micro to HID (mouse)


I am a beginner on XOD (and in Arduino programming LOL) and I would like to make a project that consists of using an encoder on a arduino micro pro to click and move the mouse cursor. I wish I could adjust any slider or potentiometer in any software like davinci resolve, photoshop or reaper . Unfortunately i do not find a way to add the Nicohood librarie and add a node to create the output HID (mouse) to the PC in USB. Is there a library that allows this and if so the solution to add the node to XOD.

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Hello and welcome!

:man_facepalming: I wanted to help you and made the library https://xod.io/libs/nkrkv/hid/


And only after re-visiting the topic I see you actually need to emulate the mouse, not the keyboard.

You can drill down to the nodes’ implementation to see how it’s done and make something similar to deal with the mouse. Or maybe I’ll find some more spare time soon to add the mouse as well.


Thank you for your answer boss :+1:.
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By testing the library, I have these error messages when compiling.

'Keyboard_' does not name a type
 using Type = Keyboard_*;

What board are you using. It should be based on an MCU with HID support such as ATmega32U4 (Arduino Leonardo, Micro, etc). Uno and Nano do not support HID on the hardware level.

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:man_facepalming: Arduino UNO