[I want a node] Node of reprap discount smart controller needed

node-reprap discount smart controller

Node with 20x4 display, encoder and sd-card reader

I tried to do it on my own, but I only understand that I didn’t know how.
This is much higher level for me.
can someone do it?

may be, it’s not correct request.
and all of this must be separately : encoder node, sd-card node (exists), screen node (exists).

it turns out, that I needed encoder node first of all.

Have you tried the existing encoder nodes? There is at least one in libraries if not built-in. Search built-in nodes by double clicking in workspace and typing search string. Search libraries by selecting File > Add library and typing search string.

I’m searching for it, but don’t find encoder node.
Please drop link if you know where it is.

Here’s a link showing 4 librariest get, but it isn’t going to help you use the node: https://xod.io/libs/?q=encoder

You need to install libraries into your XOD application using File > Add Library from within XOD. If you do that and type “encoder” in the window it opens, you will see 4 libraries to choose from.

three of the four do not work completely, not enough patches.
but thanks a lot anyway.
I will try further
fully works only: escape-ford/encoder-ky040

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