[I want a node] Kalman Filter node


The Kalman filter makes an estimate of the future value of the measurement, and then compares the actual value by a statistical analysis to compensate for the error in future measurements.
In its general version involves the performance of complex calculations, for Arduino is a simpler filter called complementary filter. A simplification of the Kalman filter that completely dispenses with statistical analysis.

Library: https://github.com/alexvargasbenamburg/arduino_FiltroKalman


  • VAL (number, default=0) — value to filter
  • TS (number, default=1) — smoothness
  • TR (number, default=1) — rapidness
  • UPD (pulse) — update filter


  • OUT (number) — value estimation


MPU6050+Arduino+Kalman filter


Hi Cesars
is this what you were looking for?


P.s Sorry for the delay this MQTT library is being a pain in the but.

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hi genius :grinning:, I’ll prove it

Just updated with another example for a plotted display.

Kalman filters… Sorry for reposting on an old thread… But i thought id follow the topic instead of creating a new one.

How do these kalman filters deal with a contol signal or a setpoint that changes?

Thanks for your efforts on these and all the other nodes, im learning all the time and trying to create my own nodes.

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