I need help with the OLED display in the arduino nano

I’m writing through a translator:
Hi all, I recently joined the XOD.
I have a droplet detector in my project now (I’ll attach the file).
I was able to make a simple code, I can output the volume of liquid, I want to add a timer but…
I had to severely limit the OLED display area, it doesn’t output more than 4 words.
I built it on an arduino nano clone.
(I will also attach a photo)
Is it at all possible to display more, or is it the limitations of the platform, maybe the RAM?

DMm.xodball (8.4 KB)

The blue button duplicates the signal from the comparator, needed for convenience, the red resets the counter.
The bright LED on the left shines on the photoresistor, when the light crosses it gives a signal

WHY did you have to limit the OLED display area? Where you getting errors trying to use larger area? My guess would be that OLED graphics is going to use quite a bit of memory and the Arduino you have chosen is very limited, so you were running out of memory.

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If the area is not restricted, the display will not start. The rest of the display works as normal.
Saw a similar project to mine, another project on pro mini has a full interface without additional memory blocks.
That’s why I thought the problem might not be a technical limitation, but a software one.
Can I use a second Arduino or additional RAM to display data separately?

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