I need help for rc-switch node

Hello, i need help for the Bradzilla84/433mhz-rc-shwitch,

i tried to test the 433mhz-rc-shwitch but i have some trouble with it.
I take the example send into a arduino nano and config. the send pin to D10.
The IDE compiles the code without any error.
Then i test the output D10 with a DSO - but there is no visible code!
I expect every 3 Sec. a short bitstream.
I tried various outputs but it is all the same.
I tried out the soft uart on output D10 - that´s OK i could messure a bitstream.
The example send should run stand-alone?
What i have made wrong?
-IDE version 0.30.1
-boardtype arduino nano with old bootloader

Thanks a lot!

Could you upload a screenshot of your patch?

ps: copy the generated code, paste it into the Arduino IDE and load it, it should work.

It´s just the example from the node - added only output D13 to test working.
The output D13 flash every 3 Sec. but no Signal on D10.