How to get NodeMCU local IP?

I might miss certain basic knowledge of XOD nodes application… Pls help me why I can’t get the local IP from my NodeMCU (it does not display anything):

  1. For the NodeMCU use the standalone mcu library. The connect node should be from the esp8266-mcu library not esp8266.

  2. Do not put loop on the CONN pin. Connect to your WiFi AP just ones, for example on boot.

  3. Do not forget to turn on the debug mode.


Many thanks. It works. Currently I’ve to restart XOD for a new board. If I run it on one nodeMCU board, then I change to another nodemcu board, it does not display the result. But when I restart XOD, it displays the IP number.

Maybe you should delay the connection with delay in CONN

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