Lan ip is not compiling

esp8266 mcu, lan ip node does not compile in the latest version, 0.35.2 !
What can i do to fix this issue asap…


This might happen because of the old esp8266 package. Try upgrading it through Deploy -> Update Arduino Packages and Toolchains...

If this does not help, please provide more information. What error message are you getting? What patch are you trying to compile?

Dear evgenykochetkov
I’ve already installed v0.35.2 fresh installation and updated the packages, but as you will see in the attached picture the error msg I always get…

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Yep, that is a bug :see_no_evil:

For a quick fix, try replacing C++ implementation of lan-ip with

node {
    void evaluate(Context ctx) {
        auto inet = getValue<input_INET>(ctx);
        emitValue<output_IP>(ctx, (typeof_IP)inet.wifi->localIP());

I will look deeper into this problem tomorrow morning (it’s past midnight where I live).

Thanks for the report!


Many thanks to you dear…
I’ve edit the node and everything is working OK… :slight_smile:

kindly i have one more question!
can i get exact steps for using xod cloud, and in my feeds it keeps telling to (post my first massage to start feeds)! where and how !?

Have you checked out

yes… but didn’t get exact idea…
and in feeds . just like that

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