How do I make an interval between switching on?

Hello everyone, I’m making an electric boiler control unit. Such a question. How to implement such a thing in XOD, let’s say I need the electric boiler to turn on to a set temperature, then wait until the temperature drops by 5 degrees and turn on again.

The first step will be to determine the temperature. This will probably use an analog read of a temp sensor, but there are other options. Depending on which sensor you are using, there may already be a XOD node or library you can use to read in the temperature.

I’m going to assume there is some imaginary node called get-temp to return the current temperature and 72 degrees is your set temperature. You want to turn the heater off at 72, and turn it on when it is 5 degrees colder. Here is one way to do that:
The flip-flop remembers if heater is currently on. A relay is the most likely method you will use for actually turning the heater on.

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