Thermostat store and load set values

Hi, I just started to learn XOD. I am building a thermostat. My doubts are

1 - How i store the set values ? and load after power failure or reboot.

2 - I only want to activate set value when i press rotary encoder push button. how i can do it ?

3 - Is it possible to add time set value ? ie need turn on cooler for 5/10 min after turn off and check the temperature set value


  1. Storing data through power-outage/reset is not trivial. Probably the easiest solution for single value is to use EEPROM to store the data. There are several eeprom libraries Libraries — XOD

  2. ‘buffer’ node is the easiest solution to remember the value & have button-press UPD the buffer node.

  3. I assume “time set value” is about the same as set temperature; use ‘buffer’ to remember setting. The easiest way to trigger an action at some future time is to use ‘delay’ to wait that long and trigger action with DONE pin.

I want to do something similar but with Smin, Smax, Tmin Tmax.

Keep value

One encoder that controls several “Dimmer settings”.

In the next version I want specific buttons for each chanel and leds that indicate what value I am changing.

If I get an example for 2 “MAP” nodes I probably could coppy that several times.

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