Hi, I’m trying to use h-bridge-dc-motor but the directions for clockwise (1) and counterclockwise (-1) is wrong.
1 = clockwise fullspeed, -1 = stop, 0= stop and -0.01 = counterclockwise fullspeed. Is that a known issue?

Can somebody fix that or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you

Easiest fix is to swap the wires from your motor to the controller.

I tried it but it is still 0 or -1 = Stop, 0.1 = Counterclockwise fullspeed and 1 = clockwise fullspeed

Programm that Im using

hi, fade work with -1? you do not need to map?

What do you mean with map and yes the fade is working properly even in the negativ range.

Yes, I had not used fader, see if it works for you, so as not to use two counters

count-up-down.xodball (4.1 KB)

In library nkrkv/encoder It is also count up-down https://xod.io/libs/nkrkv/encoder/count/

It has happened to me that by mistake I leave D0 and D1 in a node and those pins are used by the serial.
I upload a patch, which works well, I do not know if it’s what you want to do
motor.xodball (10.4 KB)

Hi! I checked implementation of h-bridge-dc-motor, it is fine. Your patch looks correct as well. Maybe values of DIR and PWM pins on h-bridge-dc-motor must be swapped?