Greater and less nodes

Hello, I can not compare with the first part of the block, and get the exit.
The lower part works well, but the upper part does not compare.
Is any node missing? the value is obtained from an analog pin

the values arrive and if the door is activated the bytes are only the purchase that does not work. :thinking:


You can use the watch-node to check the values from the different number pins. Analog read node gives values from 0 - 1. So if you want to compare values above 1 you have to map the source range (0 - 1) to the target range (e. g. 0 - 10, 0 - 1023, 50 - 80 etc.) with the map-range node. There is also a map-clip-range node clipping values below or above the selected range to the limited range.


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