Error message when compiling

Hello, I can not discover why the error
test.xodball (8.8 KB)

UNEXPECTED_ERROR {"message":"Explosion failed: Error: NO_VARIADIC_MARKERS 
The error has no formatter, which is a bug. Report the issue to XOD developers.

I downloaded your xodball & it compiled successfully in the cloud. Do you have a XOD\__lib__\xod folder that has old definitions for xod components? It will be in whatever folder you are using for your workspace.

I really do not know what happened, I opened the saved xodball and I got the error.
Remove the test node, compiled without problems


If you modify any of the xod nodes, you end up with a local copy in your library. These copies may not be compatible with future XOD versions. Since it worked for me, Iā€™m assuming this is your problem. You need to see if the above directory exists in your workspace. If it does, exit XOD and delete the folder (or at least rename it), then restart XOD. You do NOT want a xod folder under your __lib__ folder in your workspace.

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