Enabling Local Compile Desktop Version

I have downloaded and installed the desktop version and all woks well. The issue is going through the tutorial, it eats up a lot of compilations. Does the desktop version have local compile? If so how do I enable local compile for things like the tutorial? Just do not want to be out of compilations before I get to really programming.

Hello and welcome!

I’ve replied to a similar question in the sibling thread (Cloud limitation issue):

What’s for the limits, we set them on our cloud usage rate. Things like simulation program compilation are performed in the cloud, on our servers because it would be very hard for an average xoder to configure the necessary toolchain on the local machine. Our servers cost money, so we limit the usage. Soon it will be possible to sign up for a paid plan to have big limits.

Anyway, the limits are replenished continuously (not monthly, or even daily, but once per 10 minutes). See https://xod.io/settings/billing/ for the log.