Compilation Quota Question

I’m very new to XOD and am having trouble understanding the compilation quota figure.

When I’m logged in on the web app I get a compilation quota of 1000. That makes some sense to me as compiling the code must put a load on your server so I understand the need for a quota.

But when I use the desktop client on either Windows 10 or Ubuntu Linux it still shows a quota. The quota is the same regardless if I’m the “Guest Xoder” or if I log in with my web account ID.

I would have assumed that when running the desktop version of XOD that everything would compile on my local computer and therefore there would be no quota. Is that not the case? Does everything compile on the XOD server? And if that’s the case does this mean that an Internet connection is a requirement to use the desktop version of XOD? And finally, if I get very busy am I in danger of running out of compilation time during the day and would need to resume work the next day?

I’ve looked through the documentation and this forum and Googled it but I have not come up with a description about how the compilation is performed or what the quota number means.

If anyone could enlighten me I would be grateful!


You can request compilation in the cloud when running desktop version. This is displaying your remaining quota, but it is not reduced if you compile locally.


Thank you, that makes sense.

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