DHT11 showing correct values in the Arduino IDE but 0 values in XOD

Something has been bugging me all day, when i program the Arduino in the Arduino IDE it gives me the right information but when i program the Arduino in XOD it gives me T = 0c and RH = 0% with the same setup and port number. I am using dht11-thermometer, text-lcd-16x2-i2c as my lcd has i2c and A0 as my port on the Arduino, i am also supplying the correct voltage to the DHT11 and LCD +5v. Does someone have the same problem


Yes, some people report problems with DHT11 and I²C LCD working together. What board model do you use: Uno, Mega 2560, whatever?

Also, what model of DHT11 do you have? Can you see any values using watch’es?

Nkrkj thanks for your reply… I am using the uno and the dht11 is a Keyes with the resistor on the board… I will try what you mentioned when I get home from work later on today… don

This is what i have on watch in debug mode:

Hmm… And is it an Uno, Nano, or Mega 2560?

nkrkv, yes its an UNO R3… I have a DHT22 on order. Since it’s more accurate i will be ditching the dht11 for the 22… In the mean time i have been going over the c code for the dht11/22 to see if there was an error and i might just create from scratch a new node for my dht going by the data sheet i downloaded…

I have the same setup & exact same results. DHT11, Mega 2650, LCD with I2C.
Arduino sketch display reasonable date temp & Humidity. XOD all zeros.

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I am assuming no one came up with a solution to this problem?
Just started using XOD and already have the exact same problem.

Hello! Indeed, DHTxx fails in XOD with some hardware combos. @evgenykochetkov recently found the root cause and fixed this bug in the master branch. Expect a new XOD release with the fix included in the nearest day or two.

If you can’t wait, replace C++ code of dhtxx-read-raw with https://github.com/xodio/xod/blob/6242766a3538c1aa9f250547366b14a26d21f6c4/workspace/__lib__/xod/common-hardware/dhtxx-read-raw/patch.cpp

Should be fixed with the release of XOD 0.25.0. Please, try it.

My DHT11 shows the right values but needs an additional clock pulse to work.

Am I understand correctly? The sensor does not read properly if UPD is left with the default “Continuously” value?

I have connected a DHT11 to a Uno-Clone during lunchtime for a test at my workbench.
Continuously shows only 0.00 in the watch node.
When I use a a clock as trigger everything works fine.