COVID19 Emergency Ventilator Based on XOD IDE

Dear XOD community

All thanks and gratitude to you

Special thanks and respect to (wayland) &( nkrkv)& (brusher_ru) for support

The XOD-IDE helped us TO implement emergency ventilator dedicated to COVID19 disease IN Africa(SEV4)

Its open source project builds by non-profitable researchers and students group in Africa

XOD is a great IDE because it helps design and implement prototype models in a very short time with the diversity of micro controllers supporting

We have finished controlling air pumping, with inhalation and exhalation rates, and breathing count per minute

However, we face several problems in getting the results of the sensors as charts on the screen (Sensor plotting& graph)

We also face problems in drawing on the screen circles and lines
Any scope library& compatible screen will help us
Oure screen options (at our end )

1- LCD 12864B V2.0 with ST7920 +i2c module (not spi) cheep option

2- Nextion Enhanced NX8048K070 7.0 Inch

This list is based on the type of screens that we have … We hope that you help us to out put sensors results on the screen with plotting graph ,scope or any chart method

Oure sensors connected over I2C bus using ADS115 AND MCP4725 12Bit I2C DAC
Our screen connected over i2c busLCD 12864B V2.0 with ST7920
Our Nextion Enhanced NX8048K070 7.0 Inch connected over serial
We are using Arduino DUE STM32 board

We appreciate any kind of guidance and suggestions … so that we can accomplish the respiratory system that helps to combat COVID19 disease in Africa … knowing that all programming processes are based on the xod IDE


Great to see the progress you’ve made on this project. I’m working on a library for the nextion (I’ve now got a NX8048K070). All being well it should be ready for testing sometime tomorrow. Do you want to use the nextion as a touch screen, or simply send data to it for display?

Dear wayland
thanks alot for your replay
it will be great if you can activate the touch screen
and im using encoder to change numbers on screen
and display sensor data via scope in annexation editor …any suggestions will be appropriated
M Aal

Hi M Aal,

I’ve created a very basic XOD library for the Nextion:

Here’s a quick demo:

The demo is included in the library as the example patch and should be used with the following Nextion GUI file:

My library wraps Athanasios Seitanis’s Easy Nextion Library ( and is a work in progress. There are methods in the Easy Nextion Library that do not yet have equivalent nodes in my XOD library. At present my library allows you to read and write numeric attributes of the objects on the Nextion display.

I tested my library on an Arduino Mega. I used Serial1 (pins 18 and 19) to communicate with the Nextion, so that Serial (pins 0 and 1) was available for debugging.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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By the way, The Journal of Open Hardware has a call for submissions for a special collection on COVID19.

COVID-19 Special Collection.pdf (167.7 KB)

Very great work wayland
I am very grateful for this library
I am waiting for some equipment, including the Nextion screen
Very eager to receive it and test your program and I will provide you with the results as I will share all the details on this wonderful forum


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