Complex project

how to make complex projects using XOD.

Like most programming, the best option is to start with a small, simple part of what you want to do, then keep adding to it to make sure each part works before trying to add more. You may even need to build several small parts and get each part working before you try combining them together. For example, if you want to program a traffic light for a 5-way intersection, first make sure you can control a single red-yellow-green light and cycle it correctly, then you might add a turn arrow, or perhaps a 2nd light for another direction. At some point, you will might want to add car sensors to indicate when a green light is needed for a particular direction that doesn’t get much traffic. You don’t want to try to program all this at one time, then try to figure out what is wrong when none of it works…you will just be asking for lots of frustration…

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