Complete Line 405xB multiplexing - generic type

At the end of the 80s, at 13 I learned to use the 4000 line, and 7400, they are beautiful memories.
Here I leave an implementation XOD of the line 405xB, generic type, can multiplex different types of data. cesars/405xb

As in those circuits it was recommended to place the input at a level, for stabilization, low or high according to the consumption or to leave the output at low.

In this case, being generic, the unused input pins must have an associated data type.



Awesome! :+1:
But I recommend to add more detailed descriptions for all nodes, their terminals and entire project. It will help to find and understand the library.

I’ll do it just that I have to think it over, I’ve included patch 0-readme and 1-example. I do not know if it’s good at the beginning or at the end, but if I put only name it’s in between

Thank you so much:) you are a digital rockstar!