Come togliere librerie da xod

come posso togliere le librerie che non uso da xod

On the subject of libraries. I have a Windows install at work and a MAC install at home. Both the latest version, but for some reason the MAC doesn’t have the patch xod/core/average yet the windows version does. How do I transfer xod/core/average to the MAC. I wasn’t able to find it in the workspaces folder you mentioned above. Also searching for it in the online libraries turns up nothing.

I’ve just checked and I have xod/core/average on my mac. Your personal workspace __lib__ directory contains libraries you have added yourself. Core libraries are installed in the system-wide workspace directory; on my mac they are found in:

The average node is found in:

I don’t know why you are missing the average node. Perhaps your installation has been corrupted? Reinstalling XOD might be the best option. Alternatively, you could create an average node (it’s very simple) by following these instructions:

If you are looking for a moving/rolling/running average you may want to try this library:

It can provide various statistics including:

  • mean
  • trimmed mean
  • median
  • min/max
  • quantiles

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