Come collegare il pusante

Come devo collegare per pare apparire una scritta sul display quando premo il pulsate e spegnere al rilascio del pulsante
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How should I connect to appear a message on the display when I press the button and turn off when the button is released
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oled-button.xodball (6.3 KB)

Depending on the behaviour of your button, you may need to swap the pulse-on-false and pulse-on-true nodes.

Alternately, you can use button → if-else → draw-text-Message to switch between “Message” and " " (enough spaces to over-write “Message”), but you will need to add send-buffer as wayland showed and add pulse-on-change between button and draw-text-UPD.

Just 2 different options…which is “better” depends on your code & if one allows you to reduce total nodes needed, or make the program clearer. With this second option, you can replace if-else with ‘select’ node and display several messages. With walyand’s solution, you can add more draw-text nodes to display several messages.

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