Updating OLED screen

Hi all,
Ive been using Waylands OLED library. My goal is to have a pressure sensor display PSI onto the oled in real time. I have gotten everything working except for that the screen will only display one number on boot and not change. I’m sure its just an issue of sending the buffer and clearing correctly but i’m stumped. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

There is no update, the UDPs are chained and there is no extra update pulse. Place an ANY and you can use pulse-on-change, or another pulse to refresh the diplay

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You also have draw-text displaying from a constant or tweak rather than the output of the pressure-sensor. You also clear the display after adding text…probably not really what you want…

Something you may want to do is control the updates of pressure-sensor with clock pulse that only starts after everything is initialized. draw-text then gets UPD every time pressure-sensor sends an OK pulse.


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this worked for me well. my last problem is that now when new texts is written it dosent clear the last numbers so they all overlap. That is why I had the clear but it seems like there is a better solution.

You can put the clear-display between pressure-sensor & draw-text. It won’t affect TEXT wire, but will be added to the middle of the pulse wire.

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Awesome thank you so much! After I made that change my top text was flickering so I had it update after the pressure text was updated and then sent the whole buffer.

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