Best choice of node/s

What would be the best choice of node/s be to turn an 80Hz pulse into a continuous output?
The pulse will be coming from a basic rx receiver
Many thanks

We need more information to have any idea. What happens with faster or slower pulses? Is it just 80Hz pulse or nothing? You want true output with pulse and false if no pulse? How quickly after pulse stops does output need to change?

If you just want true/false output and off timing doesn’t have to be micro second, a delay node that sets on every pulse would probably be easiest solution. delay-ACT would be your output.

Thank you for your reply
I’m just experimenting/learning at the moment. I’m using a cheap 433Mhz transmitter link, and just wanted to create a switch effect. The modulated pulse remains at 82Hz, using a square wave node.

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