Automated Camera Dolly

I have a design in mind but coding is NOT in any way a strong point for me. Heck, my 8yr old Daughter can probably do it better/faster than I could but that is why I am here… I need to get a motorized camera track to move at a certain speed depending on a defined amount of time something is going to take to complete. The mechanical design is the easy part for me. Basically, what I am making is a timelapse mechanism that takes info from Octoprint (print time) and calculates the RPM speed needed to get the track from end to end within that timeframe. Every print will be different so I need it to be dependent on the calculated completion time of each print. Is this possible and if so, where do I start in XOD? The code will be ran on a raspberry pi 3b or a 3b+.

Thanks in advance for any and all input!

This is certainly a doable project, but XOD does not currently work with raspberry pi, so you will either need to get an arduino board or choose a different programming environment.

Since you want precise movement, it will be a lot easier to program using a stepper motor, but that will be more expensive to build. Depending on the motor selected, each pulse to the controller will move it a set amount. Depending on gearing, that step will move the camera a specific distance. Knowing how far each pulse moves the camera and how far/fast you want the camera to move, you can calculate how often to pulse the stepper controller to get the desired speed.

In XOD, you can feed the desired pulse time to a clock node and feed the output to the stepper controller.

Thank you for the reply. Correct, I plan on using a stepper motor and the gearing I can print. I would like to program this to work in conjunction with a pi. There is a program called Octolapse that I would like to communicate with for the info needed for the movement. Like I have said, I am not a programmer so I have no clue where to start but willing to give it a go. Ocotlapse is python and opensource and I was wondering if it would be easier to modify that or make something to piggyback from that considering that script is where most of the info needed for the movement is needed. I really wish I would have spent more time programming :confused:

Here is the Octolapse plugin I am referring to