Aspect of nodes

Appearence of nodes should be improved. All the nodes are the same.

They can have a shape according to their function.

Hello and welcome!

Agree. It will give benefits if we do it properly. The hard question is: how to do it properly? Let’s talk about it, dear xoders.

What categories/classes/layers of nodes do you see? Which of them deserve their own look?

BTW, “All the nodes are the same” isn’t quite true. The input/output terminals are depicted with circles.

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Ir al just starting with XOD, so I had no time to look too much.

However I think that each node can incorporate a box inside with a photo or image ofhe component ( motor, led, sensor, Gate,…).

I guess I’m more of a utilitarian. I just want it to work. It MIGHT make sense to add some other shapes, but that will make pin placement more difficult. Adding pictures is just going to chew up CPU & memory, make labels harder to read, and clutter the screen with little advantage. Having the option to specify an image file like we now specify a label might make both sides happy…

The only thing I don’t like about the current layout is how little space is available for the label when there is only 1 pin, but I’m not sure forcing all nodes to be at least 2-pins wide is the right thing do to either.

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We have an issue for this. Hope it would work well.

It would potentially considerably slow down development for not so obvious benefits. Not everyone is a designer. Chances are high that some xoder may craft very useful nodes, but the graphics is not his strong point. In such case, we’d either demotivate him to ever share the node or the community will get yet another box with a blurred disproportionally scaled picture which hurts more than helps.

I believe we can improve readability by adjusting stroke styles and colors, corner shapes, background hatches, and very restricted icon language. And which node should get what distinguishing feature is an open question.

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At least the node should not loose its functional name by renaming It.

May be the contour line of the node could give a clue of the function.

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