Anyone created a Teensy 3.6 Node

Hello, Anyone created a node for Teensy 3.6 yet?

Teensy is a target board, not a peripheral. Are you talking about uploading to Teensy? If so, they should provide a package for Arduino IDE with an index JSON file available at a well-known URL like ESP8266 or Nucleo do. Unfortunately, I see no package prepared for Teensy. They work through an alternative Teensyduino IDE.

It is better to ask the Teensy maintainers to make a package. XOD is able to pick up such packages the same way as the official Arduino IDE.

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I just discovered XOD today! I checked the libraries and most of what I need are there!
I just got a Teensy 4.0 to use. So much room and stuff to play with. (2 MB program and 512k RAM) This question at first seemed reasonable.

I was hoping that because no arduino models are specified, they can all be used, say if XOD integrates with ones Arduino IDE and sets board types there.

Also the question is not totally off the wall since one of the Teensy line’s specialties is building “USB products” that are sort of like patches or nodes.

I can not believe that XOD is limited to just the default, unspecified UNO. What about superset arduinos like the Nano? Where does one the upload port? Can I assume that XOD requires and works with the Arduino IDE (and thus whatever Arduino types one has added? If so with what limits?)

XOD is how I think about implementing an integrated hardware-software design.
So glad I found it! Please excuse my Day 1 post. Much will be answered when I integrate some code into a newly created node.

Hi, Teensy is not supported. But I don’t understand why it says it’s only limited to ONE. While not all loads are default, there are many plates in the list.

If you search the forum there are several topics that deal with how to add plates, I recommend reading the forum there is a lot of information about this and much more.

Search by “extra.txt” for add board.